What Is The Best Way Of Getting Rid Of An Old Car?


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There's a place around here (maybe nation wide), it is a boys club that takes old and damaged cars. You get a tax write off for donating it to them, the kids get to learn auto skills fixing them up and then the group sells the cars to help fund the camps and activities for these kids.
Just a thought, if you have similar programs where you are.
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A good idea Gvpcachnc! Some of the high schools may have a shop class. In years past I know, they used to accept donated cars so that they could teach the students car repairs. It was good for a tax write off as well.
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Burn it.
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Sell it . One man's trash is another man's treasure.
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Pawning off an old car and "making statements" of its good road worthiness is fraud. Used vehicles are not guaranteed, they are sold "as is," unless a guarantee is written. Don't sell to a friend or relative and get cash.
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Well, if its still running sell it as is, find an auto trader magazine and sell it
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Empty all the fluids out of it and fill the tank with water so no explosions.then have a raffle for a charity so people can take turns bashing the stuffing out of it with clubs and hammers then half of the monies go to the charity and half to you.then you sell the car for scrap to make another 150 dollars on top of that. That way you help a charity and get rid of the car while making money.
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I guess you could donate it and get a tax break.  There are those who advertise removal of junk cars, and they pay you some greenbacks. Otherwise you could paint it and call it a Classic.  LOL
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There's a program (at least, around here)
where somebody can bring in an old (and able to
be made usable) car that will be given to people
who wouldn't have a car otherwise.  Usually people
who ave some kind of handicap and needs modifications
that aren't usually found in Joe's Used Car Lot.
I believe there's a tax deduction in it, too.  Any way,
get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce and
find out if there's such thing in your neck of the woods.
Depending on what model/age/condition you could part
it out or just sell it for scrap.

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