How Does An A/C Compressor Work?


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A whole air conditioning unit consists of many elements, namely a compressor, a controller, hoses, a condenser and vents.

An A/C compressor basically helps transmission of hot air to the exterior of the car from the actual cabin of the automobile. It basically helps to eradicate the heat from the exterior air, cleaning it as well as dehumidifying it and retaining it at the desired temperature level. The cooled air is then transferred to the vehicle's interior portion in an unheated state.

The A/C compressor is basically a belt driven pump which is linked to the engine of the automobile. Almost like a heart, the compressor pumps the coolant in the closed loop through the AC system. By performing this activity, it permits the refrigerant to shift from the evaporator, following the absorption of heat, to the condenser where the refrigerant is cooled and heat is transmitted to the exterior portion.
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An ac compressor is made up of valves and a piston. Refrigerant is pulled into the compressor, as a gas, on the down stroke, and pushed out of the compressor on the stroke. There are two valves that open and close accordingly. Once the refrigerant passes through the outdoor,"condensing," coil, it turns into a liquid state as it removes heat. It then is pumped into the indoor,"evaporator," coil, which is misted to collect heat. Once it collects too much heat the refrigerant can no longer stay a liquid and then turns back into gas to return to the compressor. It is called a compressor and not a pump because this is the first step to returning the refrigerant to a liquid state.

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