Is it worth buying a car for $2,300. It is a used Volkswagen:Jetta 2.5 2007. (no existing warranty) The only thing is it needs is minor work a vacumm pump, ac compressor, and a jug nipple. Is it worth buying?


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Cookie Roma answered

In fair condition, according to KBB, it is worth around $4,700.00.  I have no idea what the cost would be of the stated repairs. It could be a good buy.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

An AC compressor is the biggest and most expensive repair here  but if youre good with your hands  or  want to learn automechanic, then you buy a used car as youre bound to inherit someone elses problems here so no telling what could go next after making these repairs and kinda sounds like someone really didn't take too good of this car when they had it but personally I would pass on this and see what else is around.  Good luck

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Isabella White answered

It could be a good buy but I am not sure.

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