How To Install A/c Compressor In Chrysler Town And Country 2000?


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The pump is not hard, but the freon is the problem.  You really should try to capture what you have in there first.  That requires a pump system with a reservoir.  I don't know if you can rent one or not, but probably.  
The the next part is taking the freon out.  If you get a pump, it will come with instructions.  
But make sure you wear gloves and eye protection when doing any AC work, because the high pressure liquid can be dangerous.
Then you just remove the belt, hoses, wires, and bolts.
The new one should come with a new clutch, so I won't go into how to change the clutch.
Replacing the bolts, wires, hoses, and belt should be easy.
Then you run a vacuum pump to move all the air and moisture you just let in.
Then you recharge with freon, whether you captured the old or fill with new.
With the engine running and AC on, you watch the sight glass on top of the receiver/dryer, to see when the bubbles stop and you have all liquid.  Or you look at the gauges and see you reached the max on the pressure side.

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