How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Fuel Gauge At A Garage. My Dad Just Gave Me His Old Amc Spirit And It Needs Alot Of Work. Also, How Much Does It Cost To Fix An A/c Compressor At A Garage. Thanks?


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The gage will be a little tricky to fix, I think the fuel tank may have to be removed to get to the sender, an easier job if the tank is near empty!

The AC compressor is a different story. A new or rebuilt compressor will cost $200 to $300 and then it will have to be installed and the system charged up with new freon. There will be a few parts that will have to be changed since your car was built with the old freon and these parts will have to be changed over to new freon parts. Figure between $500 to $800 for this. Not very cool.
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Yeah i just thought about getting a new sender, ill probably do that myself but i found a guy that still has the old freon (ar37 or 16 something like that) and all i need is a hose. I dont have that much money right now to go to a garage. Thanks for the info i appreciate it

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