what's your dream car?


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A hippie limo.

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KB Baldwin
KB Baldwin commented
Top speed about 45?
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
I don't even know if it would reach that speed KB.
Rowan Webb
Rowan Webb commented
I have always wanted to ride in a Delorean! If possible, I would want to travel back and forth to the future and the past in the car too! OK, maybe I'll stick to riding in a Delorean for now. Let's leave the future and past for the movies.
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Ray Dart answered

I'm a simple soul. I'd be happy with a Mustang. OK, it is 1950's technology with a chassis based on Mae West's bedstead. But somehow, here in the UK, they make you smile in a way that cars costing 5 times as much do not. (Although I do drool most times I see an Aston Martin, sohhh pretty.)

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34 Ford three window ! Girl included ! Had a five window but could never get my hands on a three window !

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My dream car is the little blue Toyota, just three months old, which is sitting in my drive with a broken wing. It's waiting bravely for the smash repair people to come back from their Christmas-New Year break. On Wednesday a great, big, bullying SVU trod on its toes and now it's gonna miss the new year.

But It's a brave little car and I know it'll be released from the auto hospital in a couple of weeks, smiling bravely, and ready to take on the big guys again.


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Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
You are an Aussie - you are supposed to have a V8 Holden......
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
The Holden was a pretty good car (no longer being manufactured in Oz) but I was always too pig-headed to follow the mob just because something is popular.

That's not really an admirable trait but it's how I am.

And, if I can segue just a touch, Bernard Woolley pointed out that "stubborn" has an irregular conjugation. "I am stubborn, you are obstinate, he is a pig-headed fool." I just reversed the order. :(
Ray  Dart
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A 1957 hardtop convertible T-Bird

I would love to take a Bugatti Veyron for a test drive on a closed course. I would be too nervous to own one and drive it around in regular traffic.

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