I Have A Pit Bike I Just Got My Son Can Any One Tall Me What It Is ,or Year, Or Make It Is Even. All I No Is It A 110 Pit Bike With A Vin# LRYPCHLC150003219, Can You HELP?


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Hey there, I did a search on your vin#. Here's the site I went to , Click were it says online then vin view. Basically all it said was its region is Asia, Country China and the year is a 2005... When I searched the web though based on the info you provide it looks to me like your Bike is just considered a 110cc Dirt Bike. It doesnt look like they have a Make name such as Honda or Yamaha or anything like that its just called a Dirt Bike... Any ways check out the site and enter your vin# and youll see the info...Hope this helps....

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