How Do You Remove Oil From Your Car Engine?


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Theres a nut under the motor on the sump undo that first then wait 4 the oil to stop running then take off the oil filter because you might have 2 drain that 2
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First you should find a nice flat area to change your oil. Next you must lift the car by putting them on a car stand or a ramp. There is the danger of your car rolling backwards and so you must always keep some stones behind your car to prevent this from happening. It is always more advisable to allow your engine to cook down before attempting anything.

Now you will have to find the oil pan's drain plug. Carefully unscrew the bolt- never ever drop the plug in the oil. Use a magnet to get it out if you do. Now you will have to drain the oil in to some vessel. Be careful oil stains can be difficult to get rid of. Now you will have to find the assembly filter. Remove the filter and then be sure that you remove the rubber gasket ring in the process. Next you will have to install a brand new filter and fill fresh oil inside with the help of a funnel. Lastly you can replace the cap of the fill and then close your hood.

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