Is It Legal,in Texas, To Sell A Car That Won't Pass Inspection?


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In most, if not all states it is legal to sell a motor vehicle without getting it inspected. Most people won't buy a vehicle until it is inspected - but you have to get it inspected before a state will issue registration or tags for the vehicle.
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Not true. I was sold a car with an expired inspection sticker, and in the state of Texas, according to DPS and the Tx. Dept. Of Motor Vehicle's Enforcement Division, they have to make sure that car passes inspection first. The car lot refuses to give me my money back so now I'm forced to have to take them to court.
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What can I do if I bought a car from a dealer and after buying it I take it to get it inspected, but it doesnt pass.
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You can sell anything that is legal, and as far as it not passing inspection, lots of old classic cars do not pass or run.... but they are selling like hotcakes!!!!! In fact I am looking for a 69 camaro z-28

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