When Was The First Motorcycle Made?


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The first motor cycle, called a velocipede was steam driven. It was basically a bicycle fitted with a steam engine, This contraption took to the road in 1868. The earliest models were all modified bicycles although some were tricycles or even quadricyles.
In 1901 several workable models with petrol engines spurted into life. These set the pattern for the design for most of what was to follow.
The motorbike was adopted by the army during the First World War. It served as a conveyance for delivering despatches and when given a sidecar attachment it provided a base for a mobile machine gun.
Between the wars the motorcycle became a favourite with young men in Britain and America. Many classic designs came into being at this time.
After WWll newer smaller models were developed and the scooter and moped came into being. In the 1960s Japan took on the motorcycle world and devastated UK manufacturers.
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1884 in kent
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What brand does the first motorcycle belong to? I read about old brands like DKW, the story of it is very interesting, by the way.

Do you have more detailed information? About logos, including the DKV logo you can read on a specialized site.

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