How To Reset Engine Service Soon Light On For Fx35 Infinity?


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The Infiniti FX35 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. It is elongated like an estate car but has the stature of a 4x4 and the typical Nissan SUV components.

The easy way to reset this 'Engine Service Soon' light is to disconnect the battery. This will wipe the trigger code that has set the light off. The usual culprit is a build up of dirt settling on the sensor. If this solution does not work then it's advised that you try an alternative braking method. The trick there is to pump the brakes a few times to discharge stored system energy and this should clear the codes too. Combining this with the disconnected battery is also an option.

An auto center can read the codes, which then in turn give more insight into the problem. Sometimes the problem can be with regards to the installation of new parts post-purchase. If this is the case, then it could be that a sensor was not properly replaced or reset. Simply go back to the dealer or center and explain the problem after the fitting. Do not worry - a dealer cannot void warranty for tampering/installing new parts. Only a manufacturer can, and only if the part is proved to be damaging to the product. A new exhaust isn't damaging, for example.

Aside a sensor error or an installation fault, it can also be the gas cap. Tightening this will solve it, but be aware the sensor might not turn off for a couple of cycles or miles. This is the computer recalibrating.

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