Who Are The People That Are Died In Titanic?


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If you watch "Inside The Titanic" It will show you. But there was a little girl on  it called Virgina and she during the rush she lost her mum in the crowd
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Titanic was a huge ship that was built by White Star Liner company owned and operated by J.P.Morgan who was an American business tycoon. RMS Titanic was built with the cost of $7.5 million and it took 3000 men and two years to build this ship. However, unfortunately, on its maiden voyage, the ship hit an iceberg and was destroyed.

The ship had a total of 2,200 passengers and crew. Amongst these people 1503 people died and only 705 people survived. Since it is a long list of people who died in Titanic so it is not possible to list them here. However, you can find a complete list atthis link.

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