Get this thehouston city council is voting to allow veterans one driver no passangers in a car to drive on hov lanes here in houston. What do u think?should veterans be allowed to drive on hov lanes?


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I don't see why not as our fine Government doesn't do much to help them. I think it's the least people can do. Doesn't cost the government any money, so they should be fine with it.

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Why not, Otis? They get little enough in the way of thanks. It's a small concession to make.

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otis campbell
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Im just seeing for a pole. Houton has major traffic problems
Didge Doo
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We have them too. Our major westbound exit the city isn't a road at all: it's a varicose vein.
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Of course! I'm all for Veterans in the hov lane!

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Defeats the purpose of carpool lanes.

Can't they come up with better perks? As in actual healthcare and assistance for veterans? Improve the VA and Tricare. How about barring the use of G.I bills at places like the University of Phoenix and Devry? Free gym memberships. Discounts at book stores. Soup kitchens. Raise the maximum on VA Home Loans from a meager 400k, I'm sure some veterans would love to live in an actual city.

Carpool lanes were created to reduce car usage and influence the usage of cleaner and efficient means of transportation. At my work we have special parking spaces for carpoolers.

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HOV lanes are about more than "respect" and "honor."

Seems pretty good on the face of it, but I would like to hear what a civil engineer give an answer and explain why he answered the way he did.

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