OK how many of you have had sex in cars? How many of you were conceived in cars?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Yes and have no idea and I'm not going to ask.

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Thrice Gotcha answered

i dont know where i was concieved and i would rather not know

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Veronica Dultry answered

This is my hubby's first car. A 1972 Plymouth Fury wagon. When you folded the seat down in the back there was a lot of room. Yes, we did a lot of parking. But good little dragonfly's don't do things like that. ;)

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PJ Stein answered

I grew up in FL, so if you became enamored while out in the woods, it was either in the car or get eaten alive by mosquitoes. No one wants a mosquito bite in an awkward place.

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Didge Doo answered

This is one of those yes-and-no answers.

I was born toward the end of the Great Depression and there were very few cars per head of population in Australia at that time. Certainly my parents never owned one. That's the "No" part of the answer.

I'm gonna plead the Fifth about the Yes part.


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Matt Radiance answered

Not really! Isn't it stressful ?? There's so many more peaceful places than a car!

but . . Ummm how about on the hood ? :)))

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Veronica Dultry
Veronica Dultry commented
Just throw a big hot pad down, Otis. If it works for hot pots it'll work for hot bums..Lol
Jann Nikka
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Matt Radiance
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Otis your right! gotta be careful anytime i decided to proceed this way! lol! and oh my . . . .Dragonfly you slayed it!!! and Jan! don't tell me i know!!!!! lol! you guys are awesome! haha!

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