How Many Companies Are Manufacturing Cars / Vehicles In Pakistan ? Please Provide Details Of Locally Manufactured Cars?


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There are few cars manufactured in Pakistan. One is Honda, Suzuki and the third one is Toyota. But most of the spare parts are imported by the abroad and then assembled in Pakistan. In Karachi there are many manufacturing plants including one of the famous plant of Honda where the cars are manufactured and assembled. These manufacturing plants are directly operated by the foreign companies but the labor is hired locally.

They are using local persons to hire the laborers. The Suzuki Motors are manufacturing and assembling all types of Suzuki cars including Mehran, VXR, Suzuki Baleeno, AVG and many more models. The emphasis of Suzuki is in the production of 800cc to 1000cc cars. However Honda provides luxury and expensive cars for consumers. Many foreign manufacturers are entering into the Pakistani market for local production because the labor is cheap in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki, Honda Atlas and Indus Motors are the three market leaders in the Pakistani market. So the automobile industry is growing very rapidly.
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Well for the past few years so many companies started manufacturing in Pakistan includes:    Adam Motors is selling Revo 800 and Revo 1050 CC with and without cng both.  Honda Pakistan is locally manufacturing their Honda City 1.3 ltrs and 1.5 steermatic and they also launched there latest civic 1.8 with v-tech engine technology.  Hyundai Pakistan is selling its 1000 cc Santro in different styles, exec, Gv and Econo with there best selling pick-up truck name Shahzore H-100.  Kia Motors was selling its Kia Classic coupe few years back but it was unsuccessful and now they are only selling its Kia Sportage 4x4 truck.  Master Motors is sister concern of master foam and they are selling there loader pick-up called master grande, econo & forland.  Mitsubishi Pakistan is manufacturing and selling there lancer in 1.3 & 1.6 ltr versions in both Manual and Automatic Transmission.  QQ is Chinese company and selling its comfortable version of Cherry with 800 cc engine.  Suzuki is one of the largest Japanese car manufacturing company running in Pakistan. They have a very long list of there locally manufactured vehicles i.e. Suzuki Mehran 800 cc, Suzuki Cultus 1000 cc, Suzuki Liana 1300 / 1600 cc, Suzuki Bolan 800 cc, Suzuki Ravi 800 cc pick-up & Suzuki Potohar 4x4 jeep.  Toyota Indus Motors are major key player in Pakistani automobile industry. They are manufacturing Toyota Corolla 1300, 1800 & 2000 CC cars for local market. They are also manufacturing hilux pick-up truck for loading with 2400 cc engine.
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Pakistan manufactures no automobile. Almost all parts are imported from China or Japan and they are assembled locally!

What a country!
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