How Do You Check Anti-lock Brakes To See If They Are Bad?


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It's not so simple. You need to check the ABS rings on the driveshafts and axles to see if they are loose or split (often rust bursts the ABS ring). A burst ring will not produce the proper frequency and will have a discontinuity every revolution. If replacement rings are not available try having the broken ring bronze-welded (a new shaft can be £200!) Refit with Loctite and PAINT IT!
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The anti-lock braking system (ABS) on vehicles is used to prevent the wheels from going into the lock mode as soon as brakes are applied. This helps the driver to retain steering control from heavy braking. The driver does not have the fear of losing control of his vehicle or skidding thanks to the ABS.

To know if you car has an ABS, turn the key on. Do not start the vehicle. Have a look at the lights on the dashboard. If the anti-lock brakes are there, the ABS light will be on. In fact the ABS light is a self test to find out if there is anything wrong with the ABS system. The ABS light should appear on when you are turning the key on and disappear after a few moments of self-testing. If the ABS light stays on, it means there is a hardware problem and not a loss of signal form the sensor. It can imply a faulty sensor. If the light goes on and off, it may be because of collection of dirt in the area around the ABS sensor or a loose connection.

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