What was the worst car you have ever had?


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Mine also was a Dodge. 2003 Intrepid, beautiful car, and drove very well, but was a piece of crap. Traded it for a wide track Grand Prix, and it is awesome!
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It was a 1987 Ford F-250 truck. Nothing but trouble ! Brakes would get hot and go out and I replaced three water pumps in three years. Then the paint started peeling and I didn't want to re-paint my own truck. Total piece of junk ! Always something wrong, like the computer module also. Never had anything that cost me so much in repairs !

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Plymouth Volare, Dodge Aspen and 2 out of three Dodge Minivans.
After about 30 years, I started to catch on (yeah, slow learner).
Toyota fan now.
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I've actually had two....

The first was an '81 Chevy Chevette. My dad bought it for me when I was 22. It was awesome at first, but I never felt safe in it because it was so small.

Four years after I got it, the floorboard rusted out and I put my foot through it at a stop light... When I pulled my foot back up out of the hole, my shoe was left under the car...

I had to get out at the light, and reach under the car to get my shoe. A year later I was in an accident with it and it looked bad then... It was old enough that we didn't have full coverage anymore, so I never got it repaired.

The second was a 92 Chevy Lumina Euro (not the van) It was a nice car when we first bought it, but we drove it for 9 years.

My ex-husband never took care of our cars and it was in serious need of some TLC and lots of minor repairs... And some not so minor. When we were in the early stages of our divorce, he took my keys to my brand new Monte Carlo SS, and made me drive the old Lumina.

It had bad brakes, the power steering was going bad, the doors wouldn't lock, it was so far out of alignment that I had to hold the steering wheel with both hands on the right side of the wheel to keep it from going left.

And the starter was going out..... I traded it in on a new Grand prix GT. Boy, was he ticked about that! The Grand Prix is my favorite of all the cars I've ever had.
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martha commented
after my ventura died, my next car was a ford pinto! hey it was white with a red racing stripe red carpet and red plaid upholstery, even had a sunroof that wouldn't stay open. also a heater we discovered the next winter, that didn't work. i nearly got frostbite everytime i drove it in the winter.
Mati green
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My first car was a 68 ford Galaxie 500... what I wouldn't give to have that car back... after that was a 74 Chevy Vega, then the 81 Chevette. after that I had an 86 cavilier and an 86 Cutlass Calais... both at the same time. then the lumina, while I still had the lumina I bought a 96 Beretta Z-26, traded that for my 2000 Monte Carlo SS, then traded the Lumina for My1999 Grand Prix..... it has 150,000 on it, has a new engine, was in 2 accidents 3 years ago was restored,and looks as good as it did the day I bought it. (except for the headlamp... someone backed into it at the mall) I love it and will drive it till the wheels fall off.....ok.. maybe Ill buy something new after I graduate... I would love to have a Magnum. I drove one for the 2 weeks "Ruby", my Grand Prix was in the body shop. I loved it, I didn't want to give it back...lol
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Those crown vic cop cars are unstoppable and ford diesel trucks are great
I remember it fondly only because I beat them up pretty badly when I sued Chrysler Motor Corp. Under the Florida Lemon Law, and made a few bucks off the deal thus enabling me to pay cash for my next car.  The lemon was:  A white 1993 Eagle Talon Turbo Coupe.
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Pontiac Fiero. I will never buy gm junk again

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PJ Stein
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Aren't those the cars with the mid-car engine that caught fire? I remember seeing one at the neighborhood convenience store with smoke billowing out of it. All I could think was "I hope he is far enough from the gas pumps" and that I didn't need milk that badly.
otis otiscambell
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Hey u put shine under the hood and had enough room for two grocery bags by engine
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1987 Ford Tempo. I didn't buy as much as I inherited it. My grandmother passed away and my mother wanted me t have reliable transportation.  HA! I sold my beat up '75 Monte Carlo with rotted out floor boards in the backseat, but always started, when I got the Tempo. That thing spent ran like crap. It was in the shop for weeks at a time because they couldn't figure out why it wasn't running correctly. My mechanic was on the phone with Ford I can't tell you how many times trying to get it fixed. I asked him to just getting running enough for me to drive down to the dealership to trade it in.

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I had a 1974 pinto.. The gears were stripped and it was rusty. Having never driven a stick shift, trying to learn in this thing almost made me give up driving. Luckily my parents deemed it unsafe and traded it in for something more normal..

One of those tiny station wagons.. Which was then wrecked 2 days later by a suburban. Wasn't the best year for cars.
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A blue car van. So horrible! I smashed my fingers in the window when I was 6. Too bad! :)


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A 72 Dodge van. It drove like a tank, the coil kept going out, the a.c. Quit working. It was a mess. Never owned a Dodge since, & never will.
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It was a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais. Man, it was a pretty car, had all the bells and whistles. Gorgeous!

Then came that wonderful GM Diesel engine! Two batteries that had front mounts and would not secure to the battery cables. The thing had more miles on the tow truck than I ever put on it, that is for sure. I could only enjoy it sitting in the driveway because the transmission went out like 10 times. It was a mechanical wreck!

To look at, it was a two-tone emerald green: Plush was an understatement. But then I realized I could only sleep in it, because I missed more work than I ever have and whenever you were in the middle of nowhere with nobody to help!

That car let me know what it wasn't made of - a working engine and transmission.
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I had a number of cars when I was in the US. None was very good. The worst was a Chrysler Imperial. Lots of power, most of it unusable because of the shocking handling, roadholding and brakes. Just in case you thought I was driving a lemon, it was on long lease from Avis and only a year old. It was eventually replaced by an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, a much better car in every way. But they stopped making it because it was seen as a bit "boring". I'd take "boring and good" over "big and awful" every day.

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The "worst" car I ever had ... Was actually pretty good.  A 197x VW Beetle.  Had 2 cracked pistons.  Hella speed going downhill or on flats - but couldn't get over 20mph going uphill. 

My mechanic never fixed it ... Dumb kid I was, I believed him when he said all VWs suffer power to go uphill.  Only found out about the pistons when I sold it, and that guy took the engine apart.

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