What Are Your Thoughts On The New Cot Car In Comparison To The Previous Car?


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Glen Thornbury Profile
Glen Thornbury answered
Well my previous car, was a 1 ton truck, and it had a cattle trailer behind it! With my horse in it! My dog was in the bed of the truck! Now you do that with that LITTLE CAR! Well now you understand! Beam me aboard!  lodgic101
David C Profile
David C answered
You might feel like limiting the cars removes the competitive edge on the sport but really it seems to, in my opinion, increase it.  If a driver wins a lot of course his team is going to earn more money, money = research&development for the car.. So you see where it's gonna go from there.  Giving the drivers limits makes it more of a competitive sport since it becomes more of a driver's sport, they use a lot of strategy that might have been obsolete if the cars are completely different.  It helps make the pit teams more competitive too since that is one of the tiny areas that they can get an edge on.
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
I think this car is the better of the two cars. I would want to race in this one.

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