What Are The Laws On Repossessed Cars In Florida?


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If you keep the vehicle behind a gate or fence they can go into your property and take it, they don't need to speak with you. Remember that they are ONLY allowed on your property, to recover the vehicle, nothing else, if the car is not in sight on your property they can only come ring the door bell and ask you to surrender the car. They can not open a garage or break a entering to recover property or force you in anyway to release the vehicle. The recovery company can not breach the peace buring a recovery, the police coming out is a breach of peace. If the vehicle is hooked when the police arrive you lost your car because the repo man won't drop it and the police don't like to get involve. If they ring your door bell just say " I don't need to surrender the vehicle till I call the bank and verify this with them  GOODNIGHT." Don't listen to any threat that comes from a recovery agent such as your going to jail, or we are going to suspend your license, you will be sued, all not true this is a civil matter between you and a bank. If they continue to harrass you here is a tip:
If the recovery agent wears a badges ask them in a serious tone, ARE YOU A POLICE OFFICER ? NO, WHY ARE IMPERSONATING A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.
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I know a guy who used to be a repo man in the state of Florida.
If they can't find the car, then they can't repo it. It's just that simple.
My advice is; if they come to your door, just don't open it.
Just try to get those payments caught up soon as possible to get that monkey off your back and to avoid getting a court summons. If they go as far as getting an attorney, you could end up having to pay their court costs and attorney fees also.
Good luck to you.
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I live in FL.  & just had my car repo'ed (I've been unemployed for a few months). I didn't identify myself as the owner just to see what happened. The guy was nice about it. I asked him for proof for the repossession which he showed. I hesitated a bit to release the car; he then told me it could get worse by him having to call the cops which could lead to a possible arrest/lawsuit for "having stolen property on my property" since it was at my house ( I claimed to be my sister & not the owner of the car). He let me keep my tag & help me empty out the things from my car & then took it away...I'm in the process now of catching up w/ the payments so I can get it back.
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Car repo with tags in fl
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Unfortunately yes. You are better off just making an arrangement with them to pay. The only way to not be garnished is to either pay or if you can prove that you are the sole income for the household and have no extra money than you might get off. This of course is easy to prove.
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