How Do I Change The Fuel Filter On A Buick Century 1998?


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Well you have probably replaced the filter by now but I just looked up how to do my own and had problems finding out how. So heres to anybody else who asks the same question. You take out the fuse for the fuel pump, and then turn your car on and let it run itself until it shuts off, that way there is no pressure in the system. (You will still lose gas, but no where near as much as if you let it squirt all over the place.) And then all you need to do is get a pair of needle nose pliers and two wrenches. The filter is on the drivers side, about a foot and a half in front of your rear tire. Disconnect the hose from the filter, (take the wrenches and loosen the nut until it detaches from the hose.) Then, take a pair of pliers, and pinch the plastic clip piece and pull the filter off. After that, attach the new one , and your good to go.

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