How To Change An Automatic Transmission Filter?


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Changing transmission filter o4 ford escape
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my 1998 e-320 mercedes benz has 88,000 miles,sometimes whenever the transmission shifts it is not smooth,not all the you think that changing the oil and filter could solve the problem?
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The only way to change the automatic transmission filter is to remove the transmission oil pan, irrespective of whether the transmission has a drain plug or not. Few transmissions have drain plugs in order to drain the fluid. In order to get the transmission fluid out, the technician removes the transmission oil pan.

It must either be done by a professional technician who is well-versed in handling all kinds of automobile-related problems which are faced by drivers or by a serious do-it-yourself (which is abbreviated as DIY) handyman. It is quite a messy job and is not recommended for the casual do-it-yourself person.

It is only when the technician has removed the transmission oil pan that he can check for impurities such as metallic shavings and other pieces of debris which may have entered the transmission oil filter. This foreign matter must be removed at the earliest as it is the indicator of the impending transmission problems.

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