How To Adjust The Rear Suspension On Mini Moto?


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There are 3 types of bike suspension. The most common is front fork suspension. The second is the rear suspension. And the third is the Best Bike suspension Seatpost. All of these is to make your ride comfortable and lessen fatigue.

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Minimoto (also known as the pocket bike) is a miniature version of a conventional motorcycle. The minimoto makes use of four stroke motors which in turn gives strength to the chain to spin the rear wheel. The suspension system is efficient enough for hassle free driving and also for the safety of the bike especially when the brakes are applied.

The rear suspension works as a single shock absorber. This is ideal for traction on the roughest of surfaces. The extent to which you can change your rear suspension settings depend upon what kind of road you are using your minimoto on. If you are using it on the tracks, you need to fit hard variety of springs and also modify the fork and shock (internals). In case, you are using it on the road and track both, you need to keep your bike versatile enough to work efficiently on both. To check the 'Fork and Shock,' you have to find out the measurement from the wheel spindle to a particular point on the tail.

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