How Can I Transport My Older Baby (age 6 Months+) On My Bike?


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From 6 months old you may feel comfortable about your baby riding in either a rear seat or (with support) in a cycle trailer. Both would be against some of the mainstream advice; the argument against is that the baby is too small to put a helmet on properly, and their neck muscles are too weak to hold their heads up for long and withstand the road shocks. The age at which babies are thought to be safe enough sitting up in a seat/trailer tends to be 15-18 months, depending on which manufacturer's/safety campaigner's/health professional's website you're reading.

If you decide to put your baby in a bike seat before 18 months anyway, make sure it is solidly made and attached to your bike, and claims to meet relevant safety standards. The best quality seats are heavy but recline so that the child can have a comfortable sleep on longer rides. These cost a lot more than the cheapest seats, though. You may want to add extra safety straps to make sure your child is secure. If possible, get a seat that has a small 'hump' in the front of the seat (between the child's legs). This is better than relying on a strap between the legs to prevent the child from slipping downwards.

When transporting a baby in a trailer, best to wait until they are at least 8 months old (can sit well unaided). They may need padding or a booster cushion to support them in staying sat up before the age of 12 months.
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I put a cycle helmet on my 13 month old for a short time once and she ended up with a cricked neck for 2 days! I wouldn't put baby in a seat or trailer until they can hold their head up with the weight of a helmet. Try wearing your baby with a moby wrap or using a baby backpack, but either way your balance may be affected and baby would not be protected in an accident. Try taking the bus instead, and walking, your baby will enjoy it , especially if you are wearing him!

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