Where Is The Inertia Switch Located On The 2001 GMC Sonoma ZR2 Model?


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To my knowledge there is no inertia switch on my 2001 Chevy ZR2. Have you been rear ended or in some other kind of collision that would might activate this kind of safety device? I have a 2001 Chevy S10 ad have been over much of the trucks electrical system. Our trucks have airbag deployment sensors that might act as an inertia fuel cut off sensor. But that's just a guess.

If you suspect a fuel problem buy a generic fuel pressure test gauge and attach it to your fuel line test port. It is located just behind the throttle body and next to the distributor cap. I found a universal fuel injection test kit at a store called Harbor Freight for about $10. Since we have the same year ZR2 we probably have the same fuel pressure specs. Fuel pressure at ignition on should be between 60 and 68psi. When and if the engine can idle I think the pressure should remain above 60psi (it will go up and down with engine RPM).When you shut the key off the pressure should hold above 50psi for at least a few minutes. When I diagnosed my fuel pump as being bad I found my truck would hardly run when the pressure was maxing out at 54psi.

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