How To Wire Car Hydraulics Switches?


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Yes it my first time I want have front / back / 3 wheel on left corner / 3 wheel on right corner /dump /rising it  up / front hopper
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Lots of batteries(car  batteries) and a pump(mounted in trunk or bed) wired up  to the dash or a control box look under low riders on the net...also you will probably needs air bags(made for suspension or you will have to physically alter the suspension of the can buy coil spring kits or heat them to lower them but there is a trick to it.. You can also flip the shackles on the rear did not say what type of vehicle this is so that is about all I know...oh!and make sure to put in breakers/fuses or you will catch your vehicle on fire if it overloads or shorts out...I've seen that happen firsthand at a car show on a ground pounder(boom boom car) the guy's whole truck went up in flames DOH!OOps:) later

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