I Have A 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis LS And The Air Compressor Stopped And The Back Of My Car Is Just About Sitting On The Ground. No Joking! Is There A Way That I Can Refill The Compressor So That I Can At Least Get It To A Garage To Get Looked At?


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The rear air bags may have burst or had a leak. On these air suspension cars it is hard to tell. Are you sure that the switch back in the trunk is turned on?

Try starting the car and letting it run for a while. Open and shut the doors, try bouncing the front a bit, try and get the system to wake up.

But to answer your question, No, you can not refill the compressor.
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No you will not be able 2 refill the compressor, I own a 94 crown vic and a 93 grand marquis and I made the switch and took the air suspension bags off and put coil springs on the both of them
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Sounds like you need(to put in) some pop off valves hooked up to a tank so when the air compressor breaks down the pop off valves will still hold pressure in the back end acting like a governor keeping a emergency supply of air in the system  like on a semi tractor even if your compressor blows up you will still be able to air up your system a half dozen times off the basically the tank (reserve)is filled(kept filled) just in a case like this so the system can be aired up  to drive in an emergency...unless your air lines are totally blown..
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If you could get to the air lines to your rear end and had a check valve,air valve you could pump them up by hand with a bike pump...

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