A Passenger Train Takes 2 Hours Less Than A Freight Train Takes To Travel From Norman To Enid. The Passenger Train Averages 96 Km/hr, While The Freight Train Averages 64 Km/hr. What Is The Distance From Norman To Enid?


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Let d stand for the distance we want to know. We can write an equation for the times of the two trips.
  D/(96 km/hr) + (2 hr) = d/(64 km/hr)
  2 km = d*(1/64 - 1/96)    (multiply both sides by km/hr, subtract d/96)
  2 km = d*(3/192 - 2/192) = d/192    (subtract the fractions)
  (2*192) km = d = 384 km    (multiply by 192)
The distance from Norman to Enid is 384 km.

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