How long it takes to reach Fort Lauderdale by train from NYC?


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The time taken to travel by train from New York in New York State to Fort Lauderdale in Florida is at least 26 hours, with times of around 30 hours being more likely. As the crow flies the distance between the two places is 1066 miles or 1710 km. For comparison, travelling this distance by airplane takes 3 hours. The driving distance is 1273 miles or 2049km and takes 18-20 hours depending on factors such as traffic.
Currently, the only trains running between these two cities are those belonging to Amtrak’s busy ‘Silver Service’, which is not quick nor cheap. The ‘Silver Meteor’ route is New York, Florence (South Carolina), Orlando, Miami, and the ‘Silver Star’ route is New York, Columbia (South Carolina), Tampa, Miami, with both services calling at Fort Lauderdale in Broward County. Miami itself takes an extra hour to reach.
The shortest travelling time offered by Amtrak on these routes is 26 hours and 47 minutes, generally leaving New York Penn Station (NYPS) late morning and arriving at Fort Lauderdale the following afternoon. The cost for a standard coach seat (one-way) is $163, although there are sometimes promotional prices available. Trains have checked luggage facilities, a lounge and dining car, but the price does not include sleeper service. To add a ‘roomette’ sleeping two people costs an extra $509, or if you want a bedroom cabin that includes a shower and can accommodate three passengers, you’ll need to shell out $769 on top of the ticket price (all meals are included).
Depending on what time you want to travel, it may be necessary to change trains in Washington D.C, which is 3.5 hours from New York and 26 hours from Fort Lauderdale.
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8 hrs needed, Distance between New York, New York, United States and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, as the crow flies: 1063 miles (1710 km).

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