Where is freon port located on 2001 ford explorer?


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The port for Freon in a 2001 Ford Explorer is not actually called a Freon port - it is a Low Pressure Side port in which you pour the Freon. The port is located on the driver side of most Ford cars, usually in what is called the firewall. If you cannot find this port, or are having any particular difficulty with this task, you could consider one of the following options:

  • Visiting your local car garage

If this is your first time refilling the Freon in your 2001 Ford Explorer, or your first time doing it any car, you may wish to visit your local car garage for a tutorial to ensure that you never have this problem in the future. If you end up putting your Freon in the wrong place or too much or too little in the hole, you may end up damaging the car. If this is the case, you will end up having to fork out more money to pay for both its repair and refilling the car's air conditioning again.

  • Get a friend or relative to show you what to do

If you are stuck with your car and don't want to have to fork out for the privilege of your local car garage helping you out, you will surely have someone around you that would know how to show you how to refill it yourself. This way, you don't have to spend any money and you can rely on the person again to show you if you ever forget how to do it.

  • Consult your instructions

If you look in the instruction manual that came with your car, it will show you were each specific part is, meaning that you can look where to pour your Freon. If you are having difficulty finding the page you want, you could use the index and search for air conditioning.

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