Where Is Egr Located On Ford Transit Connect?


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Hi, it is just below and immediately behind the radiator fans, I changed mine yesterday after having bought a new one on e-bay for half the price of ford!! Brand new as well. In fact,I even had to pop down to my local ford dealer to check it was the right part as it was cast slightly different to the one fitted, and I thought it was wrong, but hey presto, spot on! Dead east to fit, although in an awkward space, and the tranny goes like the clappers now, but still have engine management light on, I may disconnect the battery and see if that works to clear it, this is the second one I have had fitted, first one was under warranty, but to buy from fords they are around £150.00 ps, my van is a 56 plate
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Should be on the back of intake manifold! There will be a metal pipe leading from the exhaust to it!

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