What Tire Is Equivalent To 700X15 (trailer Tires)?


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I presume that here, you're actually referring to the 7.00 x 15 LT (light truck) tire, and not a 700 x 15 tire. The 7.00 x 15 LT tire is the equivalent of just over 30 inches in diameter, are these tires are usually 8 ply. The 7.00 x 15 LT tire is quite an old size of tire, and today ST (special tires) are used instead of LT tires on trailers. It appears that the equivalent of a 7.00 x 15 LT tire is an st225/r75. However, if you are unsure about what tires you should fit to your trailer, it is not worth gambling with your safety and the safety of other drivers. In order to ensure that you get well-fitting, secure and safe tires for your trailer, your best bet is to try at a trailer dealer or repair centre. If you give the staff enough information, they should be able to select and choose the correct size of tire for you, and will usually fit the tires for you as well.

There are two features of a trailer tire that you should consider when trying to choose the right tire for your needs. The first is the radius of the trailer tire. A tire with a large diameter (i.e. A large tire) will have fewer RPM, meaning the tire should last longer and be more stable, making it more able to withstand contact and shock. Another feature you should consider is the ply. Tires with a high number of plies will be more resistant to the internal pressure placed upon the tire, and will therefore be less likely to stretch or become misshapen.

Online, you should be looking to pay around $100 to $175 for an individual, good quality, new trailer tire. Obviously, as tires are large and heavy, they are expensive to ship and deliver, so you should take this into consideration when purchasing tires online.

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