What Do You Need To Get Your License In Illinois?


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You seem to be asking how to get a driver's license in the state of Illinois. In case you are 18 years of age and never had a driving license before, you should go visit the office of your Secretary of State and fill out an application for a driver's license. You also need to pass a few exams such as an eye exam, a written test and the most importantly a driving test. You need to pass all of these exams. You also have to submit identity proofs for verification. You also have to pay a small fee for these services. It is better to practice driving with your friends or family. You can refer the internet for more details about the tests. Getting a license is not a difficult task and easily achievable.
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I'm 17 years old and I took the driving class and I passed it. Do I need to wait nine months in order to go get it?

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