My Automatic Transmission Is Not Shifting Into Gear Smoothly. What Is Causing This?


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I just changed my transmission, because the old one only had 1st gear. The fluid was burned and black. I put this new one in and had the converter flushed not I have reverse and 1st. If I play with it it may go into a higher gear but not in overdrive. It is a 700r4 Chevy trans. I pulled in to my parking lot and backed up to turn around and when  I put it into drive some thing popped and now I have no forward gears just reverse. The only thing that was not new is the torque converter. This is all that I think could be wrong at this point. Any other suggestions? Thank you for  you time and help.
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Could be a pressure control solenoid problem. If it is, you should have a check engine light on.
 If you mean, not shifting smoothly and it is shifting hard, then a pressure solenoid could very well be the problem.
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The tranny fluid might need to be changed

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