How Much To Ship Car By Plane?


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There is Qatar airways who ships a car for free if you buy two first class tickets from Qatar to Europe!!
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Not sure, its all depend on type of vehicle and destination to go. But generally loading car on cargo planes is the most expensive method of automobile
transportation. Though there are companies that cater international car shipping , this
method is often not the preferred option of the majority of automakers and
individuals who want to transport their cars.
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Shipping a car by plane could cost you quite a hefty price since shipping a car by sea is already quite costly. If you have the money and need VIP shipping for your car, then I would check into companies that offer this service and get quotes. I know it costed us about $3,000.00 to ship a compact car from Europe to Florida by sea. If you have a larger car or an SUV, then you should expect to pay more. The pricing will also depend on exactly where you’re shipping it from and where it’s going in the U.S.

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