How Many Men Died During The Construction Of The Titanic?


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8 ppl died during the construction of the Titanic. The first was an 8 yr old boy who carried rivets. 9 died if you count the man that died as a result of having his leg crushed when they were putting the ship into the water for the first time.

No they didn't leave the bodies in the ship. That's just ludicrous.
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There was 254 recorded accidents: 69 in the engine works, of which 6 were listed as "severe," and 185 in the shipyard, 8 of which were fatalities. Hope this helps :)
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How many and who and how? I am doing a voluntary essay on Titanic's wreck, and I would like to put who and how in it. I do know I found that eight people died. Six in construction, and two in the shipyard. But then I found a death certificate stating that one of the deaths wasn't really caused from the Titanic. Granted, it was a completely different situation and time, but supposedly the real assasin of Abraham Lincoln wasn't caught. The real assasin supposedly ran away to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he lived and died. Which is scary 'cause I live in OKC, OK. The names of the people that died that I found (granted I don't know if they are really true) are: Samuel J Scott, Catch Boy. 15
John Kelly, Heater boy, 19
Wiliam Clarke, Driller, 27
James Dobbin, Shipwright, No age specified
Robert James Murphy, Rivet Counter, No age Specified.
    Like I said, I don't know how much truth these guys hold, but this is what I read. I don't know if you can go somewhere like or something
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5 people died building the titanic.
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I've heard that their remains were unable to be recovered and were left in the ship itself.

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