What Famous Or Important People Were Aboard The Titanic?


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Celebrities that died on the Titanic include:

- American millionaire John Jacob Astor IV.
- Irish businessman Thomas Andrews, who had overseen the ship's construction.
- American millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim.
- American owner of the Macy's department store, Isidor Straus, and his wife, Ida.
- Canadian railroad president Charles Hays.
- American cricket player John Borland Thayer.
- English journalist William Thomas Stead.
- American military aide Major Archibald Willingham Butt.
- American writer Jacques Futrelle.
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Two most famous people on board were John Jacob Astor and his wife Madeleine, Molly Brown, J.B.
Others were,
- Benjamin Guggenheim
- Ismay, Countess of Rothes,
- Lord Ashburton,
- Isidor Straus,

Here is a titanic passenger list of all the people on board >>> www.encyclopedia-titanica.org
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This does not have very much info in it i was wanting to know round how many people + important people
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I know a website from where you can get the complete passenger list of Titanic. However, the famous people include John Jacob Astor and his wife Madeleine, Molly Brown, J.B., Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus,Ismay, Countess of Rothes, and Lord Ashburton. Some other people include world top businessmen, singers, and governors of the state. For complete list click on the link:

Titanic passenger list

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Captain J. Smith - Many people believe that the tragedy would have been avoided if the captain would have acted differently; including not supplying enough lifeboats because the ship was "unsinkable".

Molly Smith - the wife of the Colorado sliver mine Captain . Was the only woman who rowed a lifeboat to safety.

The Captain' - elderly wealthy couple.
Couple perished with the ship. The wife wouldnt leave her husband even if it meant death.
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Wallace Hartly, John Woodward, John Clarke, Georges Krins, Theodore Brailey, John Hume and Percey Taylor  members of the titanic band
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James campbell
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Lets see oh there was the captain who was White Star's senior captain his name was edward j smith the highest ranking officer to survive was the second lieutenant can't remember his name
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