Who Invented Boats?


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Robert Fulton invented the Boat.
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I like namd1's answer is good but I think that boats were probably in use long before the Great Flood. The ark was built to God's specifications, but for Noah to actually know what he was doing with those instructions kind of makes me think that he (or others) had experience with the concept of boat building.  Since the creation of water and then the creation of man soon after (approximately 5000-6000 years ago) I can only imagine that they all had the urge to go exploring and would've had to use boats to cross rivers, lakes, etc.
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They won't accept this answer but did you ever hear of the noah's ark(made by Gods specifications before the first recorded rains on earth)) no one actually knows who claims to be the first boat builders and when. They only have what they believe to be the documented first person to make a boat and then you have the discussion of what is a boat/a raft/a dugout/a conoe....you can look up phonecians/phoenicians...
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I Think its just the secular world view thinks it came from egyptians but the christian world view thinks it came from noah's ark. Their were boats before that to travel across rivers and fish, but noah's ark was the first one to be known.
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Zanaria1234-if there were boats before this then why did everyone else drown,or by the history of this story why did they not know what rain was.also if we go by man history why would they need boats if the pangea existed.when they could simply haul their goods/travel on land. Just asking. : ).further if they had boats were there no storms before this for them to have to deal with in order too traverse waters.just saying some of man's(egyptian) history doesn't add up in this case.
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Some had to invent it with a motor!!!!!so come on people think! Think! Think!
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I agree with lurch777 he must have had an idea before making the arch. So I guess this a question with no answer.
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This is not known. I'd say it was the first guy who discovered he could hollow out a log and sit in it while catching fish or travelling down a river.

See article on "dug-outs".

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