My Evinrude 50hp Boat Motor Is Not Pumping Water(where Is Water Pump?), What Could Be Causing The Problem?


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Hello    what ever you do don't keep running it this way!!!!  The problem is your water pump  the way you replace them is to remove the lower unit on your motor and there will be some kind of a pump ? Mine was on the lower unit real easy to get at        I don't know the year of your motor? Mine is a 1979 Johnson 35hp.  Should be some what the same?    When you go to buy a new pump  bring your old one with or the Lower unit      they can help you get a new one or tell you how to get at it      there are different kinds of pumps  I always replace with a Chrome plated pump      if you are going to keep it?  If you are going to sell the motor?  Go for the cheeper one      Happy Boating    hope this helps you out

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