How Did Cigarette Boats Get Their Name?


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Actually, what we know as "cigarette boats" were originally called rum runners. During prohibition they took rum from big yachts and cargo ships miles offshore and took it to America. They were used because they could outrun the Coast Guard. The name changed when the same boats were used to smuggle cigarettes between Canada and America. The boats didn't look the way they do now until the 60's (they were just big fast speedboats). Back then (and now), they were/are used to run drugs from the Caribbean islands and America. They are mainly used for professional racing. "cigar" boats? Well, some people call them that because they are used to smuggle cigars from Cuba to the US. They definitely didn't get the name because they looked like long white cigarettes.
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They started to be called that back in the days when cigarette smoking was a very popular activity because they were white, long and sleek and people thought they looked like a cigarette.  It is funny because now many people call them cigar boats.

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