Did you ever have a small accident and make a little dent in the other persons car?


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Yeah...  I made a big as dent in someone's car once .. Then I got mad at her for asking for my insurance info ... Aparantly you have to give someone your insurance info even if you HATE THEIR FACE. She wasn't a nice lady though and she could have asked me in a more polite manner... But i now know I have to be cooperative even when dealing with grumpy mean people who don't just be nice to me .. That's not fine but it is what it is. I hate it though. 

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Barb Cala
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It's always best to say as little as possible at accident scenes. It's never a great experience .. just let the cops handle it. :)
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I have an other awesome being pulled over by cops storey where I did not say a word but got me and my husband at the time out of an indecent exposure charge :) ... I'll save that though... Crying helps ! Just saying :)
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A slip and fall injury, sometimes known as a trip and fall, is a form of a personal injury claim or case involving a person falling on another's property and suffering injury as a result. It's a misdemeanor. A person injured as a result of a fall may be entitled to monetary compensation from the owner or occupier of the premises where the damage happened , check here .

Accidents involving slipping and falling can happen on either private or commercial premises.

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