How Do You Remove A Ford Focus Axle?


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Driver's side (easier):

Use an allen key and wrench to loosen (not remove) the upper lock nut on the top of the strut

Loosen the lug nuts and wheel hub nut

Raise and support vehicle

Remove wheel

Remove the control arm from the wheel hub (remove pinch bolt and pull the ball joint down)

Remove the hub nut completely and use a puller (special tool) to press the axle out of the hub. Don't let the axle flop freely, this can damage the CV joint. Use bailing wire to secure everything and support the axle.

Place a catch pan below the transmission

Using a slide hammer and axle remover attachment tool, pull the axle out of the transaxle case.

Do not allow any of the CV joints to angle more than 18 degrees. You'll cause permanent damage and you're looking at a new axle at that point.

When re-assembling, you can technically re-use the hub nut a few times but I would always buy a new one. If you re-use it, make a tally mark on it with a scribe or awl. Don't re-use the hub nut more than 4 times.

You'll also need new self-locking nuts and snap rings. They're available at the ford parts counter. There are a few other nuances depending on the type of transaxle you've got.

For the right hand (passenger side) it's similar but there is a carrier bearing in the middle of the axle and getting the slide hammer into position is a little more difficult because of more clutter on that side.

Best of luck.

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