Who Makes Superchargers For Motorcycles?


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There are several companies that specialize in motorcycle superchargers. 

Among the biggest names are Magnacharger, Procharger and Rotrex, but without knowing what motorcycle you have, I can’t really say which would be best!

  • Magnacharger – This is the supercharger division of Magnuson Products, LLC. They offer a wide range of supercharger kits and parts.
  • ProCharger – Founded in Kansas in 1993, ProCharger is the supercharger division of Accessible Technologies, Inc.
  • Rotrex – This company is based in Denmark, and has been manufacturing performance-enhancing superchargers since the 1970s. They aren't quite as big as Magnacharger and ProCharger, but they're meant to be pretty good.
Other names in the business include Vortech and TSS Performance Engineering, Ltd. Take a look at each of them, and make sure you do your research before buying!
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There are a number of companies that specialize in making superchargers. The best is Magnachargers.

Apart from this company, there are other players like Vortech, TTS Performance Engineering Ltd, etc.

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