Who Would You Say Is Scarier: Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Or Video Gamers?


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Well I've met more than a few motorcycle gangs living in the home of Harley. They are good guys for the most part. Sure they hate the law and government but they aren't typically the drug using women raping animals they are depicted as in the movies. They are just anti-establishment for the most part, and good for them.

I get freaked out at pale twitchy video game kids who somehow think because they've mastered a first person shooter they are Rambo lol
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I'm a biker, don't belong to a gang, have ridden 17 yrs, rode the bike all over the country, one 2 wk trip, one 40 day trip.  Never had any trouble, people always coming up talking to us.  Never had a "biker" problem.  But these video gamers think with their fingers, like with a gun, and don't see the real consequences that we bikers know.  I'll talk to a biker any day of the week over a video freak.
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I was going to say it depends on what these gamers are into.believe it or ripley,some of these young guys and girls think these games are real life.so they go out in public and try to re-create the game in the real world.it's like their brains are fried from playing these games months on end. We had some stories of what i can only describe as dumb criminals actually taking paintball rifles and guns and playing what's that game called grand theft. They were running around shooting people for points just like on the miami vice episode.it's like they have no common sense,like what is the law going to do to them..there has even been news stories of the muslim terrorists using games to practice training.now whether that is the whole truth or not still makes me think some gamers could be cracked in the head,dumb criminals. I would be more worried about the game maker sending someone after me/the guy that is trying to put adult rating systems in place for the games and internet costing them 100's of millions in sells.stranger things have happened in the business world.
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Well, I don't think either are scary. I have found that MOST motorcyclists are gov't haters and believe in ur RIGHT to bear arms ...... Like me...so that's good. They are just tough shelled cookies. Once inside, all is good! The video gamers worry me cause they may end up being loose cannonballs...not because of the games themselves; but because there is no parental conversation and teaching to go along with it. I can remember my daughter playing Grand Theft Auto killing every cop insight. At first, I was angry with my husband for allowing this and then I figured out that I just needed to explain to her why I was in disagreement. This has happened all throughout her life. If u just discuss the game issues then ur child will understand. The REAL problem is that these parents are so consumed with their own lives, drinking their booze, etc that they do NOT talk to the children. Instead they want to blame all of the problems on teachers, the school system...etc.
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That's A Tough One.. .. Motorcycle Gangs Can Be Boisterous.. Noisy And Of The Rowdy Persuasion.. But People  Addicted To  Games Zone Out For Hours At A Time. Go Postal If You Disrupt Them And Choose Games Over Parents Peers And Sanity.  Motorcycle Gangs Teach Interaction With Peers.. Friendship...Loyalty... Styling Of Threads.. Traveling.. Respect..  Honor All That Gamers Know How To Do Is Scream.. Rant.. Jump Around Like A Meth Addicts.. And Get 15 Seconds Of Sleep A Day.. Lots Of These Games Are Violent.. Aggressive.. As Well As  Full Of Guns War And Destruction... Sounds Like  The Evening News... They Are Made So Realistic Too....My Ex Had A 1000 CC  Harley Davidson. And We Went All Over.. I Loved Letting The Breeze Blow Dry My Hair. I've Never Seen A "Gang" Before
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Video gamers is my vote.
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I'd say the outlaw motorcycle gangs. You Aussies don't have gangs to worry about though, you've got MAD MAX.
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I would be more afraid of the video gamers. I read this one story a while back about this kid who shot and killed both of his parents because they took his game away....I believe it was a Halo game....crazy world today huh?
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Thanks Mcrfan,
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I saw that story... He was popular online and they took it away.... So he shot 'em..... The dad lived tho
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Oh wow I did not know that. Thanks for that peice of info.
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I really don't know, so, as my late uncle once taught me, "When in doubt, always select the one with biggest breasts."
Which group has them?
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The bikers or at least their girlfriends. Most gamers don't have girlfriends or so the stereotype goes. :>)
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I'm going to go with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. The operative word there is outlaw.

Most video gamers are chained to their games by their addiction and aren't out committing mayhem. The story is referring to one, single crazy, and we are always at risk from them.

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