Except for motorcycles, what are other things iconic to bad boys.


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John Doe answered

Tattoos, leather gotta love them bad boys!

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Natalie Holeman answered

Style of clothes and how worn.  Also clothing having gang identifications on it not just gang colors.  Wearing all black is considered a gang color.  I do that often, I am definitely not associated with any gang.

Gang membership tattoos.



Carrying weapons especially if brandishing them.

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Rowan Webb answered

I think my image of bad boys is that they are those with thick hair gels driving open-top vintage cars in jet black leather jackets.mI think I might have been influenced by retro movie titles that are one of my favorite genres to go around.

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Barb Cala answered

Delusions of their own "grandeur".  In reality, "bad boys" are just insecure males who are always trying to prove to themselves and others how bad they are.

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