What will a supercharger for a 1998-2002 camaro cost me? I cant afford $5000+ and thats all I can find...Are all of them really that expensive?


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Even if you find a cheap supercharger you have to reprogram or get a different ecu.

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Phineous J. Whoopee
And a tune - at a real tune place - they cost between $500 and $800.
Phineous J. Whoopee
Also will need a new rear end, the 4th gen f-body rear ends are the weak point of the car, adding a lot of horsepower to the already 340 stock hp will probably cause problems.
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They go for that, plus any labor to install,  plus a computer tune ($600) plus a new rear end because the 4th gen f-bodies rear ends are known to break when adding very much extra torque/hp over stock.

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