Can You Freeze A Car Tire With Liquid Nitrogen?


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It is possible but it will need a little preparation and maybe a smaller tire, as the greater the surface are the more difficult it will be to freeze; a moped wheel would probably get a better effect.

Liquid nitrogen is just nitrogen in a liquid state at a low temperature. It causes rapid freezing after it is boiled and becomes a cryogenic fluid, this is pretty hazardous especially when it comes in contact with a living tissue. Now the problem that is faced with your tire experiment is that on contact, the liquid nitrogen boils when it touches something warmer than its constitution, this is called the Leidnefrost effect and applies to any substance that gives this reaction, it then just serves as a nitrogen gas insulator.

The best resolve would be to soak the tire in something cold for a long time at a constant; you may need some temperature gauges if you want to be scientific about it.  Now liquid nitrogen’s temperature is -320 degrees F (-196 degrees C), so the tire would have to be colder than that, then you have to think do you have the means to achieve that temperature, possibly a walk in butchers’ freezer?

You can also achieve it with rapid cooling by preparing a slush solution made out of liquid and solid nitrogen and then a separate tub of liquid nitrogen. First, the tire goes into the two nitrogen states then into the liquid and you should get the desired effect. If not, then go smaller and take the experiment to the coldest place on Earth, that should do it.
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Yes liquid nitrogen would freeze the molecules of a tire and if you hit it with a hammer it break like glass.
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Yeah you could definitely do that!

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