How Can I Find The Date On A New Car Tire?


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Rena Chisholm answered
There are a series of numbers printed on the sidewall of the tire, just above the bead area.
They will not be as uniformed or professional looking as the tire size number or printed brand of the tire, and it should start out with DOT.
One side of the tire will have the last 4 numbers stamped after the DOT #, the other side won't.
The side that has 4 more numbers than the other side, the last four numbers on "the side with the most numbers", will tell you the manufacturer date, and starts out with DOT.
The first two of the last four numbers tell you which week and the two tell you what year.
For example, if the last four are 1207, then the tire was made in the 12th week of the year which would be the last week of march and the 07 would indicate that it was made in 2007.
I personally would not purchase a tire that is more than one or two years old. After five or six years, they start to dry rot.

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