Is There Anyway To Fix A Locked Engine? And How Can You Tell Its Not A Locked Starter?


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First check the oil and see if you actually have any oil in the engine. If not then I would say you have seized up the engine by running the motor without oil to lubricate the parts. If the engine is just not turning over then I would check the battery and alternator and then the starter. If you have seized up the motor then you will have to rebuild the motor, to replace the parts that we're damaged. -  first -check the battery ,alternator and then the starter((remove each one and check them separately to eliminate them as the problem)).they  can be checked at most autoparts stores. If you can not drive the car then you will have to remove the parts and take them to the autoparts store to have it checked.  To help understand how to remove these parts you can get a manual for most cars at the autoparts store  or a local dealership that sells your brand of car.
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Appreciate it. It had oil in it. The car ran hot the night before. I checked the oil after It wouldn't crank, and its full, and not mixed with any water, nor is it cloudy looking.
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did you figure it out? if it ran hot you could have a busted water pump. or worse have a cracked water jacket.

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