Can Give An Example Of Market Segmentation On Toyota?


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This appears to be an answer that has to come straight from academia. When you have a question that has come from your academic studies, the best place to get the information that you need is your textbook. Textbooks are usually either provided to you at the beginning of the course, or are simply recommended by the teacher at the beginning of the course. In university, you will usually have to go out and purchase your own textbooks.

You should also talk to your teachers. Many people think that it's not good to go to the teacher when they are unable to answer a question as it may make the teacher think that they are not trying in the class and aren't really taking notice of what the teacher is saying. The opposite is the truth. Teachers are hired to provide the students with the best education possible. This means that teachers are always willing to help, and more than happy to help people with any problems and give them the direction that they need.

  • What is market segmentation?
Market segmentation is a concept that is found within business and economics. A market segment is one sub-set of a market that is made up of people and organizations that have one or more characteristic that makes them want or demand similar products and services. This would be based on the qualities of the products or services, their price or their overall function.

Some examples of market segmentation include gender, the price and the interests of the people. These things make certain people demand different kinds of products, and hence, this is a great way of analyzing the market for big companies and small companies alike. For Toyota you'll need to do some research.

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