Does A 2001 Jeep Cherokee Have A Timing Belt?


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The 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 uses a metal timing chain and not a rubber timing belt. The price for a new chain ranges from about $40.00 to $75.00 depending on the manufacturer.
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The 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport ( manual trans 2 wheel drive) just has a manual tensioner. You have to loosen the pulley's center bolt, then turn back the tension bolt until you can "pull off" the serpentine belt.

Follow the routing diagram printed on the cowling. Then snug up the tension pulley's bolt, and then tighten up the tension adjustment bolt. When all is good, tighten down the tension pulley's bolt. Belt should give about 1/2" deflection at it's furthest pulley to pulley run. Run the engine with the AC on and turn the steering wheel. If you hear a squeal from the belt, you need to tighten it more. I put on a new belt, then revisit the tension a week later. Use the ribbed belt of proper length.

Most all other Jeep's have an auto tensioner that has "good/ bad" marks to let you know when to replace the belt.

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